Product & Transport Costing

In construction materials product cost data is critical if you want to have a margin based pricing system, or to understand profitability of your segment or customer type price strategy.

Price Bee is built using the latest technology, integrations and API’s that are required to share data within your organization and know your exact profitability before sending out your quote.

Our complex cost calculators allow pricing decisions based on accurate, regularly updated product and production costs, including State Index values for asphalt and logistics cost allocations for concrete. This allows for more transparency on your margins and maximum profitability.

At the end of the project, you will be able to reconcile the quoted value versus the final value and further drill down to find extra profitability or where your margin leakage is coming from.

Logistic Calculator:

Because our B2B industry with a heavy transportation influence is so unique, our logistics calculator not only saves you a lot of time and possible miscalculations, it allows you to go from a simple common default truck, through to assigning complex logistics parameters.You will be able to see if you have a proximity advantage or disadvantage in distance or time to your competitor, so you can simply adjust your quote or bid to compensate.
With data driven decisions your margins will expand.

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