Product & Transport Costing

Not knowing your product or production costs means not knowing what margin you are making on a customer or product.  Many companies do not have a detailed product cost system that is regularly updated. At Price Bee, we are continually building cost calculators that allow pricing decisions that are reliant on accurate product costs to be made. Your challenge of minimum profitability, or loss making transactions becomes a thing of the past.

How complex are our calculators? They are as complex as needed. We build cost calculators for asphalt that automatically update costs, even State index values. In concrete, we have complex calculators that enable logistics cost allocations that can do away with most surcharges, baking the costs in the original quote.

Yes, you can know your delivered gross margin before you send your quote to your customer. At the end of the project, reconcile the quoted value versus the actual. That means you can further drill down to find extra profitability or where your margin leakage is coming from.

In aggregates, product cost data is critical, and is required if you want to have a segment or customer type price strategy. Because Price Bee is built using the latest technology, integrations, API’s etc that are required to share data within your organization. In the future by using Price Bee, you will know your profitability before sending out your quote.

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