Quote Management

Did you win or lose that bid, quote or project? With Price Bee, the answers are right there. Thanks to our simple work flows, it is easy to close a quote.

As a bonus, we can now have a deep dive into the performance of both our own, and our competitors.

Secure new projects at the highest rate possible:

We provide data driven decision making in sales, which is central to enabling real time resolution to any price management. Prepare a competitive, higher profitability bid by adding our quote or order backlogs, competitor capabilities and quote/price histories.

Simple data analysis:

Our user interface and simple quote closing sequence enables all relevant data to be displayed on one single page.The data in our system is easily downloadable, so you can empower your own BI teams to secure the data and perform your own analysis. You can check the current market rate, or even view your current performance on a heatmap of your market. What was once impossible to fully understand is now optimized, simply and effectively.

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